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    multiple flash galleries in catalyst

    aemilias Level 1

      similar version of a question I posted earlier...


      I'm using flashcatalyst and importing slideshowpro lightroom galleries (swf files that call xml files).  is there a way to have flash catalyst look not just in the root directory for an SWF's xml files?  I can't put multiple galleries in one catalyst file, because I can't seem to get it to look for XML files within directories.


      either that, or I'd take any solution toward the end of having multiple flash galleries in a single flash site.




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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I assume the structure is something like this:




          So, when you go to add more than one, you are stuck overwritting the files.


          Unfortunately, Flash Catalyst does not allow you to create sub folders within the assets/images directory. But Flash Builder does! You can import you project into Flash Builder, create the required sub directories for each gallery and insert the swf and xml. This does assume that the swf just looks at the same directory for it's xml data.


          Hope that is enough to solve it!



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            aemilias Level 1

            Chris, first of all, thank you so much for replying!  Thank you thank you.


            Yes, there is a slideshowpro.swf, and a params.xml and images.xml  it seems that slideshowpro.swf wants to look in the directory of the html file, not the relative path of the swf, for the xml files.  I had a long chat with slideshowpro support about this, and we tried changing the base param within the HTML file, but it didn't inherit itself all the way to the slideshow pro swf.  But I digress...


            I actually tried almost the same thing already, but not exactly.  Tell me if this make sense:


            I built the fancy swf in flash catalyst, and imported the swf in flash catalyst. (I didn't wait until flash builder).  Then, knowing what little I know about flash builder, I opened the FXP there, and imported the separate folders into the project structure in the left column (I added assets/images/gallery-headshots/slideshowpro.swf, assets/images/gallery-editorial/slideshowpro.swf). 


            Then, I clicked on the swf in the state I was focusing on, and changed the "source" field in the right column to the *new* location of the swf within the file structure I imported.  I did this simply because I didn't know enough about flash builder to import and place an swf asset myself.  This didn't work, unfortunately.


            Does that make any sense?


            Thanks again,


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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              I was afraid of that. Have one wild idea to test.



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                Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                OK, I have general idea, but no time to full test it. Basically, it looks like the slideshowpro SHOULD accept a parameter that will tell it where the gallery data is. The trouble is since the swf is embedded in a Flex application, that data can not be passed into it and uses the default file location. You will need to add a bit of ActionScript to you file to make all this work. Here is a link that outlines some of this.




                I understand this might be too complex, but wanted to suggest it anyway.



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                  aemilias Level 1

                  Okay, I read the thread and have a sense of what the problem is. 


                  I have some programming experience, but no actionscript experience.  I am good at tinkering, but I don't really write my own code.  So my question is:  where would I put this actionscript?  and would it be like this?


                  params.base = ".";

                  <param name="base" value="." />


                  (this is what was recommended I add in the HTML file.  Although this was javascript, so what the heck do I know, really.)


                  I was under the impression that I can't get inside the slideshowpro.swf ("B" as the thread you mentioned said) file unless I use the slideshowpro module for Flash Professional.  However I can add stuff to "A" within flashbuilder, I suppose.