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    Any ideas how to config this specific export ?

    Brett Delmage Level 1

      I am providing some archival footage to help some journalism students at a local university with a documentary of an local artist.

      My student contact asked for "DV quicktime 729*480 60i16:9 anamorphic (squuezed), not letterboxed"  but admitted that she didn't understand  what the spec meant.

      I assume the '729' is a typo and was meant to be '720'.


      My source material is 1080p 29.97 fps.


      I'm not really familiar with DV at all. But looking at the export settings in CS5 I came up with this best guess:

      • Format: Quicktime
      • Video Codec:  DVCPRPO HD 720p60
      • Frame Rate: 59.94
      • Aspect: HD Anamorphic (greyed out)


      The only inconsistency I see with this export is her spec'd 60i versus what I think is an export of 60p.


      Can anyone tell me if this is right, or I need to setup something else?