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    Bad luck with my new system

    Frédéric Segard Level 2

      I got my new system last week. Fast little devil. But... it failed on me a couple of times, and crashed and corrupted my project file and lost 9 hours of work!


      What I have: An Asus Maximus IV Etreme-Z with a 2600K overclocked at 4.6GHz, cooled with an Antec Kuhler 920, 16GB of Corsair RAM, 240GB Corsair SSD, Areca 1880ix-16 with 12x 500GB WD RE4, Asus Matrix 580GTX, BlackMagic Decklink Extreme 3D+ and a firewire card. All powered by an 1200W gold psu from corsair. The system runs cool with all the fans and cooling. It is well designed as a system. But it falls short on issues with CS5.5


      A simple task. Taking a picture, well under the 16MP range, and keyframing it to move. This simple and easy task makes the PPro crash with an error code saying: Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specifications needed to run the application -- http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3008 Kind of odd, seeing that my system is pretty beefed up. But I fear that the issue we discussed in another thread, the PCI lane count on SandyBridge vs. X58, might be what is at fault, considering all the cards I have loaded on my PCIe bus. My computer is in shop now. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully have a clearer picture.


      After having so many errors, I decided to remove the BMD card, and ever since, no issues with the above message. But after working long hours, one Sunday night (Monday 2AM), my system crashed with a Blue Screen of Death a few seconds after saving my file. Upon restart, I could not load my project anymore because it was corrupt. So I checked on the auto save files, only to find out, the autosave stopped autosaving for the last 8 or so hours. I checked the settings, and it was set for every 20 minutes. My deadline was for Monday morning. Did not sleep that night... had to recreate what I lost. I wanted to scream!

      Arghhh! What bad first experience. Any thoughts?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What happens if you go back to a stock speed instead of overclocking?

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            Frédéric Segard Level 2

            That was part of the plan upon receiving back my computer.  I was tested stable at 4.6.... but I'm starting to have my doubts.

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              Alan Craven Level 4



              Autosave has always been unreliable for me, for the last three versions of Premiere, at least.  It works fine for days, then for no obvious reason just stops. 


              I tend to check for autosaved versions after editing for a while and if there are none, a Save project, turn off Autosave, Save project, turn on Autosave, Save project restores its operation for that editing session, at least.

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                wonderspark Level 1

                That's a bummer. Your system sounds really nice when it all works, though!


                I've just had my first problem with Premiere CS5 on my system in many months. Editing a feature film shot on 5DMkII, 7D and D7000, and the entire system got real sluggish. At first, rebooting seemed to fix. I was about to up my RAM from 16GB to 32GB, when I remembered to try holding shift+alt when launching Pr to erase the preference file. That solved it completely for me, so I can save my RAM money for later.


                I've also found Pr isn't that swell with lots of stills, whereas AE is amazing. I had a project using ~70,000 stills (16.2 megapixel each) in a timelapse, panning and zooming around the entire array of photos. Pr choked when the number of stills reached 4-5 thousand, but After Effects handled all 70,000 with no problems. Maybe worth trying your effect in AE instead.


                Never had the autosave issue. That really is a drag. Anyway, hope you sort it out!