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    Using a Fire Wire Switch to Capture 2 Cameras on Same Onlocation Clip




      I'm recording (video) a live event using Onlocation CS5 to an iMac with OS Lion.  I have no problem recording a single camera.  However I have two cameras (but just one computer).  Wondering if I could use a Firewire switch to change cameras while recording to Onlocation during the same clip?  I'd like to just switch between cameras connected to a firewire switch while recording to onlocation (without stopping the recording) - then import into Premeire - to add effects (titing, credits, etc).


      You see -  I can't to find a way to record the event from two camera simultaneously onto the iMac (without things getting very expensive).  And Onlocation will only record one camera at a time - since it is a live event I can't afford to miss anything while manually unplugging one camera and restarting recording from another angle in Onlocation  - so I figured I could simply switch back and forth between two angles (cameras) using a mechanical Firewire switch . . . you get the picture.  Would this switching idea work while recording - or would this cause Onlocation to "zarf-out"?


      I realize I could buy a switch and try it out - but before I take this route - I was wondering if anybody had an opinion or experience on whether this would work or not?


      Thank you for you thoughts on this.