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    Cannot Export MPEG2 with Audio

    glaustin Level 1

      Hi Guys

      I have a bizare problem. I've been trying to export a short 2 min movie to MPEG 2 for YouTube but it won't export the audio with video and exports the audio as a separate file (yes, the export audio box is checked)! Yet it will export with audio to AVI. What could I have switched off or need to switch on?


      Can anyone advise please? The movie was captured using the DV PAL Codec (720x576). The export settings are:


      Audio Format MPEG

      Basic Audio

      Codec: mainConcept MPEG Audio

      Audio layer: Mpeg1 Layer II Audio

      Audio mode :Stereo

      Sample size: 16bit

      Frequency: 48Khz

      Bit rate: 224

      Psyc mode: Model 2

      Demphasis: No emphasis

      Enable CRC - Set Original bit: all off


      Video Format  MPEG2

      Pre-set PAL DV High Quality

      Basic Video Settings

      Codec: MainConcept MPEG Vide

      TV Standard: PAL (I'm in Europe)

      Frame: 720x576

      Frame rate: 25

      Field order: Lower

      Pixel Aspect: Standard

      Profile: Main

      Level: Main

      Render at max: off

      Bit rate: VBR 2 pass

      min bit rate: 2.4

      Target bit rate 4.2

      max bit rate: 6


      GOP Settings

      M & N frames: 3

      Closed GOP: 0

      Macroblock: 10

      VBV buffer: 112

      Noise: sensitivity

      Write SDE: No

      Force VBV oxfff

      Intra DC 9bits

      Write sequence end code: Yes

      Embed SVCD: No

      Ignore frame interval: 0