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    Missing cfa file from media cache folder!Please help!

    Dvico Level 1

      Dear All!


      I have problem with conforming in PP CS5.5.I imported 720p mp4 files to my project, and I got these message: "an unspecified error occured while performing aconform action on the following file: xxx.cfa"

      I checked the media cache file folder and the cfa and pek files are missing for a few clip of my project.But there are more clip in the project which succesfully conformed, this clips have a same properties with that one what is occured error.  This "xxx" file has no audio on the timeline, there is no waveform also.

      I dont have any idea how can I solve this problem.I tried to clean my media cache folder and conformed again the whole project, but I have a same problem with  5pcs mp4 clips.

      Please help!