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    changed in CS5.5 ?

    sotospeak (carlo bazzo)

      I have a grid of textframes in a spread for testing.


      I need to know which tf is on the right side and which on the left side of the spread.


      I thought to compare the tf parent arguing that the page should be different. I used the getPage function by Marc Autret: well in ID CS4 everything is working as I expected. If I select a tf on the left side I get "Page:6" and if I select one tf on the right I get "Page:7".


      But in ID CS5.5, any tf I select I get "The textframe is placed on a spread!".


      Maybe someone can explain what is changed in ID 5.5 with this respect? Thank you.


      Here is the code:


      TextFrame.prototype.getPage = function()

      // -----------------------------------------------

      // Returns the containing Page of this TextFrame


      var p = this.parent,


      while( pc=p.constructor )


           if( pc == Page )

                return p;

           if( pc == Spread || pc == MasterSpread )

                throw Error("The textframe is placed on a spread!");

           if( 'parentTextFrames' in p && !(p=p.parentTextFrames[0]) )

                throw Error("The textframe's container overflows!");





      // Sample code (assuming a text frame is selected)

      // -----------------------------------------------

      var tf = app.selection[0],



      try {

           pg = tf.getPage();


           alert( "Page: " + pg.name + " Side: " + pg.side);




           alert( e );