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    Using pdf as an ebook - compatibility issues


      Hello everyone.


      I am new here and new to ebooks! So I would be grateful for your help.


      I wish to produce a pdf document which can be read online as a kind of ebook. It is a complex document with lots of diagrams as vector images and I want to have links to videos and other media files which are hosted elsewhere online. During my trials I have found that when I create links in Adobe Acrobat, they do not always show up. Also, I am concerned about compatibility issues with browsers and also, of course iPads, but that is another issue, maybe for a different thread.


      Could anyone advise me on the link problem and generally on using a pdf as an ebook (not a "real" ebook, which reflows as this messes up all the positioning of my diagrams)?


      I hope I haven't been too vague.


      Many thanks in advance.