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    Camcorder Index Marks

    TradeWind Level 3

      I'm not sure if Premiere Pro has any way to import the index marks from camcorders or not. It's a common feature on Panasonic and Sony cameras. I would use it more often if there was a way to bring these marks in with the footage to Premiere Pro.


      I know that previously this was NOT possible (don't have CS5.5 so maybe that changed recently). So someone with 5.5, please let me know if this has changed.


      What I would like to see is a way to bring these index marks into Premiere Pro if it is possible. There are two types of marks - INDEX and SHOT. A shot mark is global to a clip...usually to indicate a good take. Index marks, however, are specific to a single point in the timecode, and you can have many of these on a single recording. All of this information is included in the metadata and some of it is viewable in Premiere Pro when using P2 footage, but not with AVCHD footage (even though they use the same layout for metadata).


      Anyone else have a use for this? One thing I use it for is in corporate video to mark PowerPoint slide changes during a presentation, or to mark a Q&A, or any change in audio channels...things of that nature. I also use it during wedding ceremonies to mark each segment (processional, rings, unity candle, etc). Ideally, Premiere Pro would provide a way to import these index marks as a clip marker. Could be a preference that lets you toggle this on/off or could just be a default operation (likely, anyone who is using the index function in camera would WANT this information in their edit as well).


      So before anyone points me to the "feature request" form (thanks, I already know where it is), I just want a show of hands of people who also would like this feature and some idea of how you want it implemented, if it is different than what I have outlined here.


      I plan to file a feature request, but I want to try to get as much of a unity voice on this as possible, so we're not all asking for the same thing in 100 different ways. If that's even possible.


      And to Todd or anyone else who may know, if this is something that Adobe is already aware of and has tried to implement for future versions, I'd appreciate some feedback. If it's something Adobe has already tried to do and been unsuccessful for one reason or another, I'd appreciate that as well. I know you're pretty constrained when it comes to discussing what "WILL" or "WON'T" be a feature in future developments, but hopefully you have some freedom to at least discuss the topic. If not, obviously I understand.


      If it turns out that Adobe isn't interested in developing this feature, I may very well start working with some of my industry buddies to try to build this function out on our own.



      AND......If this is already in Premiere Pro, then disregard the whole thing.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          It's not there in CS5.5. It's a fine idea, and I'd like to see it myself, but since the camera metadata support is so fractured as it is (P2 is probably the best-supported format, at present), I wouldn't hold my breath on this being a high priority. The problem is that this is a thing that not all cameras do (a scarce minority, frankly), and it would be used by a minority of the users of such cameras, anyway. That offers a significantly low ROI, making it a pretty shady bet.


          I'm not trying to be a detractor, but this is a relatively minor issue in my view. The engineering time just isn't worth it in consideration of the hundreds or thousands of other features and capabilities that could and should make it into Premiere Pro ahead of this one. So while I'd be happy to see the feature, it wouldn't get my vote because I've got dozens of others that I, personally, find more attractive and necessary.


          That said, if a third-party were to develop a reader or plug-in to enable this, I'd probably happily pay for it (within reason). In my view, that's a better expenditure of time and effort, rather than trying to budge a juggernaut into developing what is, at best, a fringe feature.


          (Of course, we could all be suprised and this is already in CSNext. That's just a matter of waiting, then.)