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    problem --> when connect to webservice via flex 4.5 getting objectProxt instead of complex object


      when I connect to web service via flex 4.5 , and try to get result of type WSDataTable created in java:


      public class WSDataTable {


      private Object[][] myData =null;

      private String[] collumns=null;

      private int size = 0;

      private long totalResultSize=-1;

      private int resultsPerPage = 0;

      private int currentPage = 1;

      private Object[] newData = null;



      When the server is send  me complex object with type NewObject as objects  in the myData array  , when i try to reach in flex WSDataTable.myData[0][0]  I'm getting type objectProxy instaed of NewObject.

      I try to change the parameter   makeObjectsBindable to false in the operation then I'm getting object instaed of object proxy but whedn I try to cast this object to NewObject I'm getting class clast exception.\


      what should I do ?