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    Can't open topics with double-click in Project Manager - RH8

    Teri White Level 1

      Good morning all!  I'm running RH8 on XP.  Somehow...just my PC...but for ALL of my projects (15+) I have lost the ability to open a topic by double-clicking it.  I can't even right click and chose 'edit'. 


      I HAVE to right-click, chose "edit with" and Design or HTML view.  This happened yesterday morning and for the life of me I can't find a setting anywhere that affects this.


      I've had RH for a long time...this is a new one!  And its very, very tedious and painful.  I can't double-click a bookmark and jump to it.  I can double-click a broken link and have the dialogue box appear.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Reinstalling RH is a 3 day process with our Help Desk, a secure server and questionable results.  So...if there is a setting somewhere, or a keystroke combination that I accidentally triggered...I'm all ears. 


      Thank you - as always - for your willingness to share priceless info!