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    Adobe AIR. Pop-ups when booting computer


      First of all, this is my first post. I find the Adobe website incredibly complicated and I cannot find anywhere to get any help, so I do hope I have found a place where somebody can help me.

      In a nutshell, I am a sensible whitehaired pensioner, but not a geriatric. I have basic computer skills but I know enough to know I know nothing.

      My problem is that when I start my computer I always get a pop-up header Adobe AIR. The text reads' This installation of the application is damaged. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance'

      I have ried re-installing. I have tried un-installing and re-installing.but with no effect.

      I did manage to get a chat with Adobe Customer Service who simply told me to ignore the pop-up. Thanks guys!!

      I did not knowingly install Adobe AIR myself. I do not know what it does. I have not asked for it. That said however apart from the extreme annoyance of this pop-up there seems to be no adverse effect on the operation of my computer.

      However, I HATE the pop-up. Can anyone help or direct me to a place where I can get help.

      Many thanks

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          It sounds like you have installed an application that uses Adobe AIR and that application has set itself to launch when you login to your computer. Somehow that application has stopped working, so when the AIR runtime tries to start it, the process fails and AIR puts up the error pop-up.


          To fix this, you will have to determine what application is failing and remove or reinstall that. Adobe AIR is just the messeneger here, removing or reinstalling AIR won't help.


          If you go to the Control Panel > ADD and Remove Programs (I'm presuming that you are using Windows since you didn't say), and tell it to remove Adobe AIR, the uninstall dialog for AIR should give you a list of the the currently installed applications that use AIR. Most likely, the culprit is one of those.

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            probertsreigate Level 1

            Thanks, but when I access the control panel Adobe Air does not show at all.

            It does not even show when I access all programmes.

            I am at a loss

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              Hello probertsreigate


              Sorry for bringing up an old thread and the late reply.


              Adobe air gets installed by default with Adobe Reader im pretty sure.

              Try uninstalling Adobe Reader and reinstalling, hopefully it fixes the problem.

              If you don't have this problem hopefully it helps someone else.


              Have a good one!




              Download a program that cleans your computer like Ccleaner it might also help this problem or other problems you dont know about.