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    Interactive PDF download fails to complete


      I have serveral interactive PDFs that have been created with InDesign CS 5.5.  We are uploading them to our website for clients to download and use.  The upload goes well, but the download of these files fails to complete.  And this happens whether you are using HTTP or FTP.  When it fails, it fails with a connection time out in both protocols.  The fail point (percentage/bytes loaded) is different for each individual file, after adjusting for differences in file sizes.  But the fail point for each individual file is always the same, time after time.  Now if you modify the PDF and remove all aspects of interactivity it will download fine without error.  We have tested other file formats for download of different sizes (up to 300GB) and no time outs or download failures happen.  We are hosting the files on a virtual dedicated linux server running Apache 2.6 and PHP 5.2.6.  Has any one heard of this?