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    PE 10 won't launch in windoews 7 64-bit


      I have been searching for the solution in this forum but not found it so I better post a question to see if someone can help.


      I have the trial version of Premiere Elements 10 to test-run before purchasing it.  Also I got the Photoshop Elements 10


      I have installed both on my win7 x64.  The installs were successful with no problems.  I clicked on PSE first...it booted up beautifully.  I exit it and clicked on PE 10...It launcehd the splash page with "new project, open project" so I clicked on new project...it ran to load stuff then it stopped...it did not launch the PE 10 at all.


      I uninstalled and re-installed per several instructions from several forums -- no luck.  I even updated all key programs such as media player, quicktime, flash player, AIR, and all other programs.  Still no luck.  Only PSE 10 works.


      So I decided to test on my different computer which has Windows 7 x32.  Guess what?  Both launched beautifully!   Why the specifications on PE 10 says it is native in both 32 and 64.  It only works in 32 not 64.


      so is there a fix or solution to make PE 10 work on x64 system?


      Thank you for your time and help



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There could be many reasons, that the program will not launch (aside from an OS beign 32-bit, or 64-bit), and many are listed in this ARTICLE. You have done many things mentioned, but the two areas that I would check, would be the audio and video cards' driver versions, and make sure that you have the latest of each.


          As you installed on two different computers, the issue could be with running under the 32-bit, or 64-bit OS's, or something different on the two computers.


          First, Win7-64 exhibited issues with its 64-bit drivers. It could be that simple. With SP-1 having been released, there was hope that MS would get the 64-bit drivers issues sorted out, but that only seems to be partially correct, as some still exhibit issues.


          It could be some other program, installed on only the 64-bit computer, that is getting in the way.


          In the article linked above, after one gets through the initial checklist, there are many links that lead to troubleshooting tips. The "Finding Clues" link just might be what you need, as Windows' Event Viewer can be very useful at troubleshooting, and just might give you the answer.


          I cannot guarantee that the solution is in that article, but it's a good place to start.


          I have seen few issues with PrE on a 64-bit OS, with a properly setup and tuned computer, but that does not mean that you have not uncovered a problem.


          Please report back, and good luck,



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            mayfamilysc Level 1

            Hello Hunt


            Thank you for the article.  That was what I had been doing.  I had already updated all hardware on my computer.  both on KVM using SONY 23" widescreen monitor


            1.  Let me share my family computer specs:


            ASUS K8V SE Deluxe AMD Althon 64 3400+ (2.2Mhz)

            3 Gb RAM

            128mb Video Card Nividia (1900x1200)

            Realtek AC'97 onboard audio

            10 gb available space on HD -- out of 150Gb

            Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate


            2.   My other computer I use for my work:


            ASUS K8V AMD 64 - Dual Core

            4 Gb RAM

            256mb Video Card ATI Radeon (1900x1200)

            onboard audio

            Windows 7 - Professional - 32-bit


            I havent tested on my dedicated video editing computer with windows 7 64 bit with MSI and AMD Phemonon quad-core 4 gb RAM and 1gb Video card Nvidia BUT I prefer using family computer so I can encourage my older child to learn video editing.  I have my CS 5.5...excellent products.  I really want my girl to learn basic usng PrE to get used before advancing to PPRO and AE


            I also compared Event Viewer after I uninstall and re-installed...got no errors and GSpot with no errors.  SIGH....wonder if 128mb Video Card may be the problem??



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              nealeh Level 5

              Check you have the latest Nvidia video and RealTek audio drivers installed, but I think your main problem is that 10GB free disk space. 30GB is really the minimum to run PRE, ideally 50GB-60GB. If you can temporarily move a ton of files to a backup drive you test to see if it does work with more disk space.


              Your graphics card 128MB should be fine (with the latest drivers) as PRE does not really need high spec graphics card.


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