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    CS 5 Links panel malfunctioning

    E Diane King Level 2

      I have a coworker who has started to have problems with his Links panel. It just seems to freeze up and no longer responds to any clicks nor changes if you close docs. Restarting ID or the computer will not bring it back. We've tried dumping preferences, and that brings it back until he opens several files and then it quits working again. I've tried opening the same set of files on my Mac with no issue, so it's not the files that are at issue. He's on an MacBook running Snow Leopard.  He's tried opening a different set of docs and had no problem. I've told him to work on the docs one at a time instead of opening them all to see if we can figure out if one of them is the issue, but I opened all of them at once on my computer without a hitch.  Anyone have any ideas how we can trouble shoot this?