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    Another troublesome disk?

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      When I try to open an existing project or start a new one I get a warning message. "The scratch disk are write protected or unavailable". I have two RAID 0 with two drives each F and G. I set the Captured Video to the project Raid F and the preview to the Raid G. I've had this problem before and reformatted the Raid drives and restored them from backup. Didn't have any issues but since then have had two drives go bad out of 8 that I sent back for warranty. At this point my options are to reformat the drives, take them out of RAID, or change the file configuration. I'm still testing this computer for stability but would like to feel more assured about exactly what keeps causing this issue. It's unusual to have this many drives go bad. I thought I would try here first before calling tech support. Thanks for any suggestions about what to try first.

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          Update! I checked the Disk Manager and it says the G disk Raid O is not initialized. This is what happened before with this same Raid 0 the G drive. So this would indicate that one of the drives of the Raid are the issue?


          Any suggestions for testing the harddrives? I have tried to downloand the Hatachi disk utility but it wouldn't run from the CD.


          This one isn't failing the same way the other two did. The other two wouldn't let the compter boot up or open in Disk Manager. This one probably will let me reformat and might work again for a while.


          PS.. I can see the files in the G drive when I click on Computer, but can't access them. It says file not recognized. Any clue what this indicates? I also couldn't reformat the G drive from teh Disk Manager.


          I suppose now I'll take the G drive out of Raid from the Bios and try and set them up as individual drives to see if they work solo.

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            I deleted both RAID 0 and tested them with Crystal Disk Info that extracts info from the SMART functions. All of the drives appeared to be fine. I tried to restore from my back ups on Shadow Protect but the original image from the RAID drives were too large for the single drives, as the disk image for the RAID 0 is twice the size of a singe disk. I assumed that the files could be restored to the smaller volume hard drive because the files were so small. So I created both the RAID 0 again and they restored fine and my projects work fine. However, I'm at a loss to undertad why the files can't be backed up and restored to any size drive. What do you do if you have a huge RAID and want to back that up to a smaller back up? 


            I'm still at a loss how one of the RAID 0 drives becomes corrupted yet works agian after it's reformatted. I'll probably move away from RAID 0.

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              ShadowProtect will let you "mount" the archive so that can see and read (using read only mount option) all of the files in your backup. Then, it is easy to use Windows file manager to copy all (or part) of the archived files to one or more formatted drives on your PC.


              To test each drive in a way that will find some drive problems, including problems that were not detected by the vendor's disk test utility, Run HD Tune Pro:

              - file/options/benchmark 1) Set block size = 2MB, 2) Partial test, slider moved to accurate

              - complete read test (can run with data on a drive or drive array)

              - complete write test (destructive test and requires drive or drive array has no "partition" on it)


              Normal drives will show a declining read and write result from the start to the end of the drive. If instead over some part of the drive the speed jumps down to half or less, and then jumps back up later on, you drive is not OK. Hitachi will accept RMA's without fully running their own diagnostic.


              You can use HD Tune Pro on RAID 0/3/5/6/10/30 sets too, albeit with the same restriction regarding no partition for the write test.





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                Thanks Jim, that's very helpful.

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                  Time to send it back?



                  So after taking all 4 drives out of RAID 0 and running them in the 4 disk configuration, the same issue with just one of the drives. After about a month, I can't access any of the files on that drive. It says I don't have permission and PrPro says the same "You don't have access to the scratch drive." I just have exports and preview file folders on that drive that I also can't open from Windows. The thing is I could refort the drive and it would work again for about a month before doing the same thing. Go ahead and send it back?


                  BTW Hitachi has already replaced two 1.5 with 2.0. This will make 3 out of 8 that were defective. 

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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    Sounds like a no-brainer to me - yes, send it back!


                    However, before sending it back, I'd suggesting running SmartMonTools (runs from a command window in Win7) on all four of your drives for the "full" Smart data. Then, compare all of the interesting, but confusing, statistics. I've had drives that were flaky that the highest level SMART featured returned "good", but which reported over a million read or write retry errors when using the full SmartMonTools "dump".


                    Why do this? Well, possibly you had a bad batch of drives or a set that all received the same major bump in shipping, but it is possible too that maybe you have a bad controller, heat issues, or other concern. Hopefully, the Smartmontool test will provide additional insight into that question.


                    Why not run a full read and full write cycle with HD Tune Pro too; that doesn't even require that the drive be formatted. Seriously messed up drives will usually show dramatic issues during a HD tune run or even fail to complete the test.


                    Regarding replacing your 1.5TB's with 2TB's, that's a sweet deal! The 2's do have additional platters and should perform a bit better (vs. the 1.5's)



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                      I did try to check the disk with Crystal Disk Info and the problem drive doesn't show up, where as it used to. The Crystal Disk Mark will not run a test on that drive, saying it "failed to create a file". However I can see the disk in the Disk Manager that says I don't have access to the files when I click on them. I hope I have time this weekend to check it further. I did look into HD Tune Pro and will try to use the free trial. I will have time on Thursday. Altough I assume it won't even have access to the drive to do the test.  It's not a heat issue. The disk are in a full tower LanLi that has three fans on the front, three on top and back. I'll try a different SATA cable.


                      I'm wondering if I should ask them to replace all of the 1.5 with 2.0 because I wanted to use these in a RAID 3, and now have 3 2.0 and 5 1.5.  I didn't expect 3 of them to fail this soon and not be able to replace them. Any other RAID optoins with this drive set up. The problem is I can't replace the 1.5.