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    Hyperlinks to PDF files with Excel XP will not open on Acrobat


      Hi all;


      I am having an issue with Acrobat Reader X.


      I am using Windows 7 x64 Pro, with Acrobat Reader X, and MS Office XP and try as I might, I cannot create an Hyperlink to a PDF document.  Excel says that "there is no program registered to open this file" and I have done pretty much everything I've seen on the net, including removing / reinstalling both programs, making sure it is registered in Regedit as the program to open this kind of files, repairing both programs through the control panel, I have also followed Microsoft advice on how to unregister/register a program to no avail, and a few others I cannot remember right now.  I have recreated the same environnement in another computer, and it runs fine.


      Does anyone has any idea what else I could try?  Or, hopefully, an answer to the problem because you've already gotten it before and were able to fix it?


      I thank you in advance for your kind help !