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    Ritmix - RBK 470


      I try to connect my ereader ( Ritmix - rbk 470). But i found out that Adobe Digital Edition do not accept my ereader. Is it possible to insert supporting Ritmix RBK 470? The problem is that i can`t read ebook, which i have bought. Please add my ereader as soon as posible. Thanks.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You've assumed that, because the manufacturer says you can read ebooks on

          your Ritmix that it's just going to happen whatever you do.  That's a

          mistake on your part.  There are perhaps a dozen ereaders or devices that

          claim to support ebooks that are put on the market every month or so.  Just

          because you bought one doesn't mean Adobe is going to go buy one, test it

          and make changes to Digital Editions if necessary to support it -

          especially if it's new to the market and is not from one of the big

          companies like SONY, Acer and so on.


          There are several ways you can get your ereader to work even if Adobe

          Digital Editions does not support it.  The first thing to do is to go to

          the manufacturer's website, register your ereader and update its software

          if it's not at the latest level.  Then, I would review the FAQ's on the

          website to see what they tell you about how to download ebooks to the

          ereader.  Sometimes they are very helpful - sometimes not.  The

          manufacturer's website also may have a link to your ereader that will allow

          you to download ebooks from them.


          Aside from Adobe Digital Editions, there are several well-known programs

          that can interface with a variety of devices.  Look at Bluefire and

          Overdrive on their websites and see whether they might be able to work with

          your ereader.


          Hope this helps!