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    ViewStack container. choose view based on variable.


      Hi I am trying to implement Role based access control in my application.  I have settled on a login screen which will compare users and passwords to a MySQL DB.  upon a match I need to read the "role" associated with each user.  With the role I want to have differnt views for each role i.e. Admin role will see an admin view and users a user view and so on. 


      I have been successful using a button to change the view.selectedChild.  how can I use view.selectedChild=$var.


      As a test I have used a dataGrid to give me choices.  But when I use the selectionChange handler like this



      protected function dataGrid_selectionChangeHandler(event:GridSelectionEvent):void
                                              view.selectedChild = dataGrid.selectedItem.role;



      it does not change the view.


      Is there a way to use ViewStack for access control in this manner?