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    Looping jpegs in epub ID5.5


      Hi.  I am working on a children's picture-book consisting of 17 jpegs - no text.  I used the current trial version of ID to create the epub which validates perfectly at threepress and displays correctly on Adobe Digital Editions.  The problem is that when I view it on my NookColor the pages don't work properly when trying to back-up in the story.  Often a single page will repeat - kind of like a stuck record - and when you get to the last page you can't back-up unless you go through the Content navigation on the Nook to get to a specific page.  It almost seems like it's stuck in a loop...


      If the problem is not my Nook - which has 95% free space and has not exhibited this behavior with any other epub so far - is there any part of the code I should be looking at to find this sort of problem?



      Thanks in advance for any suggestions,