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    Help deciding on the right path...


      Hello, I wrote a children's book for the ipad that has a few animations on each of its 11 pages and I paid a graphic designer to do the page designs for me. I'm really happy with the quality design work but now its time to add some sound effects and code up the animations.


      When the designer was finished I ended up with:

      - backgrounds for each page

      - 8-10 frames for each animated character

      - a .swf file for the developer to use as an example when coding for the iphone, complete with animation

      - the source .fla files


      Originally when I started the project my thought was to get a developer to code it in xcode for the iPad but I've recently learned that Flash 5 can export to iOS formats so I'm wondering wether I should hire a professional flash guy to finish this up for me and then export it or hire a iOS developer to code it in xcode.


      Can anyone give me feedback on what which be the better way to go? Are there any negatives to exporting to iOS format with Flash 5? Does it bloat the file size? Is it buggy?