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    3D Path Layer Question - Pls Help


      To get you up to speed, I have a large composition with all elements set up as 3D layers.  These layers are all in different positions/depths within the comp.

      I have a complicated camera animation in place to move about the individual objects.  What I'm trying to do is create a path that will in-turn be a 3D layer and would like to be able to select individual points of that path and adjust the z depth accordingly.

      I need it to snake it's way in and out of this pre-existing 3D comp.


      The idea is to use Trapcode's 3D stroke to animate the line moving along, however once I make the path into a 3D object, I can't seem to edit the individual points depth.

      Is this even possible?  Is there another method with AfterEffects I can try.


      Like I said, I've already got the elments and camera move plotted, I need to plot a path in space around these elements.


      ANY input is greatly appreciated as I've been at this all day and I initially thought it would be something simple.


      Thanks to all.