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    Replacing the Flex builder with Ant in FlashBuilder stops showing problems


      I've just written a huge ant script that synchronises the build between our frontend and backend and between guys using FlashBuilder and others using FlashDevelop.  All is good except for one very specific problem.


      If I leave the 'Flex' builder selected, the thing builds in Ant and with Flex, so for our main, large project that's a total big delay and a total waste. If I disable the Flex builder, if there is a problem with the build within Ant, the Ant build will fail, but it's not shown anywhere within FlashBuilder.


      This is incredibly frustrating and even moreso when you see a free program, like FlashDevelop do things properly.  I much prefer Eclipse and FlashBuilder, but at the moment, this is a big and frustrating problem for my team, so any help in this would be hugely appreciated.



      Any help on this?  I've uploaded a sample project that shows this behaviour http://seadersforums.appspot.com/static/AntFlexProject.zip, when you've Ant and Flex builder options selected, you get notifications of a problem, but if you deselect Flex, the Ant build will fail, but the IDE gives you nothing of a notification.


      As I said, import this into FlashDevelop and it'll tell you absolutely there's a problem, but nothing at all from FlashBuilder.


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