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    HELP! Import failed in InDesign after modifying photos in PS


      I am doing a book layout in InDesign CS4 and my deadline is very, very soon. I just did a preflight to make sure all my images had an effective dpi of at least 300 and some did not. To fix this, I opened each image in photoshop and adjusted the resolution as needed to get the effective dpi up to 300. All worked well and my links updated and preflight said I was good to go. I close the file, open it later, and it says I have a ton of links that need updated. When I tell it to update, it says import failed on every single image that I had adjusted. When I try to open the images in photoshop now, they won't open because it says the file is empty. I am in desperate need of reasons why this is happening and how to fix it. Any help is appreciated!