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    Flash Builder Mobile PHP Publishing

    tomJonescvr Level 1

      I have zend server community edition running on my Mac. I have created a Flex Mobile and PHP Project using localhost as the Root URL and htdocs as the Web Root. After that, I have connected to a couple of php dataservices to my SQL database in Zend and added my components to view and change the data.

      When I test the app locally, everything runs perfectly, which is awesome. However, the time has come to publish to my mobile phone and I would like to connect the app to a mirrored database on my web server so that I may use it online rather than local and this is where I cannot get it to work. I assume I would have to change the php database connection properties, but no luck.

      Does anyone know what settings/code I must adjust in order to get my app to talk to my sql database hosted online?

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          I have the same problem!

          Anybody can help us?


          Are you working with an original certificate?


          Best regards,


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            tomJonescvr Level 1

            Hello Skant,


            I did get Flash Builder working using a remote database, but used a HTTPService request instead on cofiguring Zend. It looked like this:


            <s:HTTPService id="saveHole1Score" url="http://yourdomain.com/your.php" useProxy="false" method="POST">

                                          <s:request xmlns="">






            However, I eventually gave up on Flash Builder as a method to build my mobile app because the published version for iOS of my app was 29MB, which is too large to download over the cellular network. This was problematice for the type of app I was creating. Plus with the announcement of the lack of ongoing support for Flash Builder was the cherry on top. I have since switched to HTML5 and Phonegap to publish my apps. So far it has made a better product and significantly lighter.


            Good Luck with your app.

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              skant Level 1


              This forum did not works properly,

              I've been reading news about what you've told me and it seems Adobe is a little lost,

              So that tomorrow I will try working with Phone Gap and HTML5 that looks great,


              thank you

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                skant Level 1


                Finally I fix the problem!

                you have to upload all the files and ZendFramework on your server,

                and manually reconfigurate amf_config.ini,


                there is a better explanation,



                Now my app it's working on-line with php services


                best regards,