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    Converting from WebWorks to RoboHelp

    MM Acton Level 1

      My client acquired a company that had been using FrameMaker > WebWorks ePublisher to produce HTML Help. In the process of the acquisition, the WebWorks Publisher software got wiped out and my client decided to go with RoboHelp. "No problem," I thought, since my client has the Tech Comm Suite with FM 9 and RH 8.


      The existing application uses dialog-level help and the output is a *.chm file.  I couldn't find a map file anywhere, so I asked the engineers. They don't know where the .h files are. I can't find it with the document sources.


      I asked the engineer to look at the code and find where it calls the help. He sent me back a code fragment that looks like this:



      // The Help filenames shown below are provided by the help author


        public string AddCustomer = "Add_Edit_Customer.html";

        public string CustomerManager = "Manage_Customers.html";



      When I saw that, I thought that maybe the application was really using Web Help and the .chm file was a red herring. I looked in the application's installation directory for HTML files and couldn't find any.


      I keep thinking that his piece of code isn't wha't's really being called (I believe he's new to this project).


      Has anyone converted dialog-level help from WW to RoboHelp? WW would have to have used a map file, right?


      Any suggestions (other than telling my client to repurchase WW)?