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    Bug in HTTPService? Results differ from URLLoader

    Jared Ivory Level 1

      Hey all,

      I'm currently using the Flickr api and running into an issue between using the HTTPService and URLLoader. I get the same result when I use the URLLoader and place the url directly into the browser, the XML returned is the exact same. When using HTTPService, 1 attribute of the node returned is different.. Has anyone seen anything like this?

      I can't imagine that there is a bug in the HTTPService that would change a node value in the response, but it works just fine with URLLoader. This indicates that it has to be a bug with the Flickr api (which I posted there about) but if it's a bug on their end, why would it work great in a browser and URLLoader, but the HTTPService would get a different response? The Flickr method I'm hitting is flickr.photosets.getList and the photoset id is changing...

      To complete my project I will just use URLLoader, but avoiding an issue doesn't solve it so figured I'd post this bug and see if anyone has seen something simlilar and how to remedy it.

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          Jared Ivory Level 1

          Ok, I noticed the data loaded as XML is changed once converted to an ArrayCollection or even Object...

          If I load the XML, convert to an Object (HTTPService) and use this data as a dataProvider, the data is changed and therefor incorrect. If I leave it as XML and use as a dataProvider, the data is untouched and correct. This has to be a bug within conversion of XML then?