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    Meta tags layout-height

    Hermie3 Level 1
      I noticed a few differences in topic/page layout when viewed in WebHelp:
      I use a "Print topic" button in the template header. In all cases BUT ONE, this button was located just below the bread crumbs on the right side of the page.
      In one specific case the button was located somewhat lower.

      In design view the documents looked exactly the same. Same template, same stylesheet.
      When viewed in HTML mode, I noticed in difference in this meta tag:

      normal topics:
      <meta name=layout-height content=582>

      problematic topic:
      <meta name=layout-height content=1148>

      I wonder if this tag is responsible. Where is the tag set? I tried to edit the HTML, but the edit doesn't stick.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The height is based on the content of your page.

          Note the current height of a page.

          Hold the Enter key down at the end of the page and add 20 or so lines, then some text.

          Save and recheck the height then. That's why overrides do not work.

          I think there is some other reason in the HTML.