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    How to use a user variable to control what to show in a rollover slidelet?


      Hi all,

      I am using a rollover slidet (and a clickbox) to do the following:

      Each time when the user rollover the picture, it will play an audio. When the user click on the image,  it will open a pdf file;--- this has already been realized;

      However, I also need to realize this but couldn't get it:

      When the first time the user rollover (haven't clicked yet) on the image, show text caption 1 ("in order to read other sections, you must read this section first");

      After the first time the user clicked on the image, every time when the uer rollover, show text caption 2 ("click to review this section").


      To realize this, the rollover slidelet, the clickbox and the image are stacked one on top of another by this order (rollover on the toppest and image on the bottom).

      I set an advanced action for the clickbox as assign the variable "ccstandardsclear" as 1 (its initial value is 0);

      For the action of "On Rollover" for the rollover slidet, I set the advanced action as a conditional action:

      if ccstandardclear = 0, then show textcaption_1;

      else show textcaption_2.

      (here notice that I first placed both textcaption_1 and textcaption_2 inside of the rollover slidet area and I couldn't find these two items' names in the  dropdown item list of the action editor. Then I moved both textcaption outside of the rollover slidelet area so I am able to find them in the item list of the action editor)

      Both textcaption_1 and textcaption_2 are set as invisible in their property panel.

      However, I was hoping that the action of "show textcaption_1/2" could bring them visible.


      Yet my way couldn't get it work.


      I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this.


      Thank you.