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    how to use field validators, like an EmailValidator, in a Flash Catalyst project?

    flashypepo Level 1

      After making a contact form in Flash Catalyst, I added an EmailValidator in Flash Builder.

      Unfortunately, the validation error message is not visible: only the outline of the message box and the red outline around the input field.


      Does someone has some tips or suggestions how to make the error text visible?




      1. code snippets:


      in de <fx:Declarations> section:


        <mx:EmailValidator id="emailValidator"

                                                                     source="{emailInput}" property="text"


                                                                     requiredFieldError="Email address must be entered"

                                                                     missingAtSignError="add @-sign, please" />


      2. screenshot of 'empty' error message:


      (rectangle on the right in the image should display an error message)


      Thanks for any help,

      Peter van der Post