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    Nested XML / DocBook


      How do you use nested XML in InDesign such as DocBook upon import?


      Something like:



           <para>Some text here</para>

           <para>More text here</para>




      I know InDesign has the map tags to styles function... how could this sort of nesting be interpretted as styles though?


      Would you map the blockquote element as [Not Mapped]... or as a character style? or what?


      <para> Can't be a paragraph style since it is also used as the body text.


      Would something like this have to be scripted to import correctly?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          There is not a good way to express concepts like <blockquote/> in InDesign's XML import.

          I don't see anything here that is "nesting," though. Perhaps if you gave us the context?



          If you have your other <para/>s in some other tag instead of <blockquote/> then they could all be paragraph styles. But if you have <para/>s at varying tree levels, you are really stuck. Transofrm it into some other kind of XML, or use scripting.


          So, try giving us a lot more (5 times as much?) context and a clear explanation of what you want to do, but I think this is probably not a good approach.