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    Possible for Flash Catalyst SWF to work within InDesign Interactive SWF?

    sclark14 Level 1

      I have built a scroll panel swf within Flash Catalyst CS5 that I would like to embed within my InDesign CS5 Interactive SWF document and am having trouble getting it to function properly.  I know that SWF's produced in Flash Catalyst use the Flex framework, so hence all the additional files that come with the SWF for web export.  I have loaded all these files along with the SWF into the resources folder, but the swf still won't function properly.  It works fine on it's own, but within the confines of my InDesign Interactive SWF, it won't work. 


      I exported my project using the eDocker program (AIR based), not sure if creating an AIR version of the SWF would be a possible solution. 


      I guess my question is, is there a way to get this SWF file to work or do I need to build the project in Flash Professional?  (I am not a programmer, but could figure it out, just don't have the time at the moment and a scrolling text panel is the perfect solution for a project I am working on). 


      Any help would be much appreciated!