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    Why won't my cam work on Omegle or Chatroulette?

    nandomagalhaes1 Level 1

      When I try to use my webcam on Omegle it says Error connecting to Adobe Stratus. Please try again.

      My internet is configured with proxy and port, I have some programs and some browsers needed to configure the proxy and the port to work.

      In Windows Live Messenger, I can usually use my webcam but when I try to use my webcam sites on the internet proxy does not work! this error appears what I said.

      I do not have firewall enabled, then please do not tell me that there is some firewall blocking, I do not have anti virus installed, then this is what can not are blocking.

      Also wanted to know if Flash Player has to be manually configured as a proxy, and if you like I do! as I said is that some programs and browsers I had to configure the proxy and port it to work, who knows how to set up if you have the adobe flash player, this problem can be solved!