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    Upgrading my computer, Sata3 usage, PE9/10

    Ted Smith Level 3

      Hi everyone - back again. I am not quite dead yet!

      Just returned to Aussie from a 6 week holiday in Canada and USA with 6hrs full HD video of the wife shopping to edit.


      I have PE9 installed in a Core Duo XP computer. I use 3 hard disks with all my projects and video files, effects etc


      I have acquired a new Gigabyte H67M Sata 3 motherboard and LGA1155 i7 CPU, Windows7 64bit, 4gbRAM


      Question 1: Would I get any advantage installing Windows7 over Xp in the new i7. The motherboard will work in either.


      Question 2. Will 4GB RAM be enough with 64bit Windows 7?


      Is it possible for me to "transplant" and my three drives to the new motherboard and just reinstall the drivers for the motherboard and video card without having to reinstall PE9 if I opt to still use the original XP system disk as C: drive?


      One of my disks is Sata 3 the other two being Sata2


      Question 3: Should I use the fastest drive for the video files or the project? Or is it worth getting another sata 3 disk so I can run both on Sata3?


      Question 4 I notice PE10 is out. Is it really worth changing from 9  and how much faster would PE10 be in 64bit if at all?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1-PrEl 10 is 64bit, so the more ram the better... for that motherboard and Win7 64bit, I would say MINIMUM 8gig, 16gig even better


          2-Probably not... but, I have 12gig so I've never actually tried to do anything with Win7 64bit and only 4gig


          You may transfer your data drives, I don't know if XP will work with a new motherboard... if it does, I think you will need to at least do some kind of repair install or reactivation of Windows


          But, search http://search.microsoft.com/search.aspx?mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US for Microsoft help

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            Ted Smith Level 3


            Do you find PE10 is any faster to edit than PE9?

            I am using only 1900x1080i 25frames

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Particularly while editing hi-def and AVCHD -- and particularly on a computer using Windows 7 64-bit -- you will see significant improvement in the program's performance in version 10.

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                Ted Smith Level 3


                Good to hear from someone that has actually seen the difference and not gone by Adobe's publicity.


                I notice the Adobe offer an "upgrade" to PE10 for US$79

                I wonder would this be the same as buying a Disk at a store so I can still have PE9 loaded as well or will the 'upgrade' wipe my PE9?


                Still wondering if I should have my faster Sata3 disk on the project files or the original video? (The other 2 are Sata2)

                I guess it depends on where the speed limitation occurs.

                As it doesnt take much to merely play or write HD files I presume the limitation is in the rendering processing so maybe the playing of the original file to feed into the rendering engine might indicate the fast drive should be on the original files.


                But rendered clips with efects will be written to the project disk so playing a complex edited section of the track will use the project disk so maybe this should be the faster?


                I trhink the faster I can render a section of the timeline the better as this is usually the most annoying part of editing slowness particularly when you have a number of effects applied to the one clip and you want to slightly alter just one of them.


                Any ideas? 

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  The Adobe upgrade is a special price advantage only. You get the entire program -- so you can keep version 9 on your machine even after you add version 10.


                  The speed at which the program renders a section really isn't influenced by the speed of the hard drive. It's a function of a couple things, but mainly the power of your processor, the resolution of your project (hi-def takes considerably longer to render than standard def video) and the complexity of any effects you've added to the clip.