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    How to make my first website in Coldfusion Builder


      Hi everyone,
      Here is my problem that I really need help with.

      I just moved from Dreamveawer to Coldfusion Builder. I want to:
      -> Set up my first server

      -> Creating an SQL DB on the server
      -> Create an index page and display query results


      When I started CF builder, i watched the videos on 'Getting Started ' screen. But my things didn't go as smooth as that of the guy in the video. After setting up the server I sometimes cannot start the server and sometimes the server starts but I can't access the CF Admin page (I couldn't access the admin page even once).



      Does CF Builder installer also include Coldfusion setup or I have to install Coldfusion prior to installing the CF Builder?
      Is there any way of getting details about all the fields that I fill in during installation of Coldfusion/CF Builder, so I know what I am filling instead of just blindly following that dumb guy in the video



      Other Info:
      I am using Win7 64bit
      Installed Coldfusion9
      Installed CF Builder2 (standalone)



      I already watched these videos but they didn't work for me:
      -> http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adc-presents/getting-started-with-coldfusion-builder-2/
      -> The video on CF Builder2 start screen

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          Well, first of all, Terry is anything but dumb. A lot of people on this forum know him, and you might want to be careful what you casually throw out there.


          ColdFusion Builder does not include ColdFusion. It is only the IDE. You must install and configure ColdFusion (and your Database server) separately. But it sounds like you know that, because you said you have ColdFusion 9 installed. 


          I don't understand your other question.  What "fields that I fill in..." are you talking about?  Do you mean your ColdFusion password?  Or the path to your CF install?  If so, then no. Those are things you should have noted when you set up the server.



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            -aadi- Level 1

            Thanks for replying. In fact when i said dumb i didn't mean it to be for Terry. I was talking about the guy on the CF Builder start screen. I called him dumb because i know that's not a human being but just a Software Generated Voice. But sorry for being unclear.



            By fields i mean all the options that installer asks during installation. e.g. during installation of ColfFusion9 at one point the installer gives three options to choose from:
            1) Server Configuration
            2) Multiserver Configuration

            3) J2EE Configuration


            Now which one of them should I select if i am a developer, i work on multiple projects at a time and i want to work in CF Builder instead of Dreamweaver.


            (This is just one example. Is there any document where i can read in details about all of them? Sorry i am from Desktop App Development background and new to web environment that's why these concepts are hard to grasp for me. But i think they should have considered the newbies in mind while making videos/documentation)



            Till now I am somehow able to run the server and access the admin page. But I am confused with the paths now. When I create a project in my workspace (D:/workspace), create an index page and run it, it says project is not in Web Root of Server.
            -> How can i find the Web Root directory of my server
            -> If i need to place my project in webroot, then what's the purpose of the workspace?



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              Thanks for clarifying.  Terry is a good guy. Glad you didn't mean him


              It is likely that when you installed ColdFusion you selected the "Server Configuration" (because you would know it if you did not). The other two options are quite complicated. You can verify this just by answering this question. Do you access ColdFusion via port 8500. If so, then you are using the Server Configuration.


              This means that your webroot is probably located at c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot


              If you installed ColdFusion to a different location (like D:\) then you should be able to just make that change above.


              Change your workspace in CFBuilder (FILE >> Switch Workspace) to point to that wwwroot directory, then recreate your project and try it again.


              There are other ways of handling most of this. But this is probably the easiest.


              And trust me, when it comes to teaching, it's hard to please everyone. ColdFusion Builders target audience is likely experienced CF developers. Of course n00bs can use it too, but I am sure when they created those videos there interest was in getting existng CF developers on board. I teach a server-side programming course at the college level and it can be very hard teaching the IDE and the Server software at the same time. And I can see people struggling with figuring out the differences in terminology and technology.


              Where does the IDE stop and the server begin?

              I got an error, is the problem in CF or CFB?

              CFB says I have an error, but my code still runs, I don't understand.


              It's a tough line to cross. I am sure Adobe would be interested in hearing your feedback on how to make the training videos better, or on what types of new videos should be created. But try not to be too hard on them for not havign exactly what you need.



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                I don't have any C:\Coldfusion9 directory this is probably beacause i installed coldfusion9 with Multiserver Configuration.
                I just have a JRun4 directory in C:
                What would be the web root in my case?



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                  Probably something like C:\Jrun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\

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                    I tried to create a new project and placed it in C:\Jrun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\ but I am getting this error:

                    edit me.png



                    If I click finish any ways I am unable to see file preview or run the project.





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                      1. Please write here what web server are you using with ColdFusion. By default, if it is IIS or Apache, the ColdFusion installer binds coldfusion document root to webserver document root (C:\Inetpub\wwwroot if you have IIS, C:\Program Files(x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache 2.2\html if you have Apache). You must specify THIS webroot in Server's properties in CF Builder.



                      2. To use Sample urls, you must add Virtual host to your Server properties in CF Builder. This operation is shown in CF Builder "Getting Started" video. In my case I used these settings(I have CF 9 in Server Configuration on IIS on Windows 7)



                      3. You must create a folder in webroot (In my case it was C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myProfect), and when you are creating the project (on th 1st step), deselect "Use default project localtion" and specify path to this folder. Then it automatically generates the Sample URL if you select server with Virtual host for it.