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    flash works fine on the computer but bad in the server

    leonardo33445544 Level 1

      i exported a flash file made in adobe encroe dvd

      i got 4 files


      2. swf

      3. index.html

      4. sources with .f4v and .png

      when the file is placed in my computer it workes perfect when double clicking  index.html

      when i copy it to the server and after this write the adress: my website/name of the folder/index.html i do not see the movie as it should.

      the film is a moving motion  menu with 9 squares in it. every square is a motion movie.

      when i put the mouse on one square - a red frame is created around her indicating the selected movie.

      when i click with the mouse it opens the movies.

      all this looks fine when the file is in my computer. when the file is in  the server  i see a black background.

      when i move the mouse on the background appear to me those red frames around the squares aND CLIKING ON THEM OPES THE BAR

      whith the volume forward etc. but without the films or sound.

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