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    HTML Conversion




      My Customer wants to Convert my Indesign file to HTML.


      What is the Procedure to convert my file to HTML and my file contains caret symbol and musical notes whether these symbols are correctly converted in my HTML File.



      R. Siddiq

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          tonyharmer Adobe Community Professional



          You're unlikely to get the results you expect from InDesign's Export for Dreamweaver command. You're also probably likely to encounter problems with the musical notation - I don't think that InDesign supports Music Markup Language (I can't say MML here as that abbreviation is also shared with at least one other markup language).


          If you have a version of InDesign CS4 or above, you could export your file to SWF (Flash) easily enough and the advantage there would be that your layout should look pretty much the same. If you're not worried about the layout displaying on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) then you could leave it at that. Otherwise if you have InDesign CS5 or above and (or know someone with) Flash you could try exporting your layout to Flash Professional (FLA) and then using the the Wallaby Flash to HTML5 converter (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/wallaby/) to see if you could get it directly to HTML that way.


          Your question is a bit of a tricky one with no straightforward answer, really - I hope that's helped.