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    Users forced to scroll in Captivate 3

      My company recently purchased Adobe Captivate 3, and I like a lot of the functionality. The problem that I am having is that some of the training that I am developing is for Web-based applications. I understand that some of the pages that I am capturing will force me to scroll, but I want the user of the WBT to be able to see my entire presentation without THEM having to scroll. I have tried changing the resolution, and it did not solve my problem.

      Does anyone know a trick to avoid forcing the user to have to scroll up and down to see all of the actions that are being performed.

      Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter!

      Jason Gressman
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Jason

          If you want crystal clear recordings that play back exactly as you recorded, you need to simply record a smaller dimension. If possible, resize the browser or application to a smaller dimension before recording.

          Assuming that isn't possible, you have a couple of options.

          1. After you record, click Project > Resize project and shrink the recording a little. Be advised that this will have a negative effect and your movie will lose quality. If you choose this approach and aren't sure how much you will be scaling down, always click File > Save As and work with a copy until you settle on what works best.

          2. If you aren't overly concerned about the loss of quality, instead of using the HTML companion page, you could point directly at the SWF. There are a variety of issues with this, but it does work for some folks. If you still need or wish to use the companion HTML page, you could edit the properties so instead of specifying pixel values, it presents using percentages. 100% for example.

          Hopefully something here either helped outright or caused you to formulate an idea that eventually does.

          Cheers... Rick
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            razor0014 Level 1

            Thank you for the response. I ended up setting the resolution on my PC to 1280 x 768, setting the Captivate recording are to about 917 x 740. It ended up just showing the part of the screen that had the portion I was showing a demo for, and seems to be working very well. So using the smaller dimension, as you recommended, actually worked almost perfectly. Granted, it truncated one of the drop-down menus, but that is not a huge concern.

            Thank you again for taking the time to respond!