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    NEED HELP! loosing the will to live... MAC Lion OS


      bought a brand new mac book pro this week, OS X LION 10.7.2


      wanted a mac for using indesign as screen resolution and smooth operation.




      I wanted to download the free indesign trial (why not) and can't install the following...


      1. Adobe download manager WONT install onto my system, it downloads and brings up a window with what I can only describe as a see through parcel

      I double click it and it tries to unpack / install it, once the blue bar is complete I don't see anything relating to adobe again.


      2. Adobe AIR will not install onto my system, however the download window does show a nice red adobe parcel, again a certain amount of installation occurs and then nothing...


      the whole point of forking out on the pro was so i could do my companies flyers and graphic design and ive hit a brick wall with adobe!


      is anyone facing a similar problem or is it a problem that is due to be resolved or is it my machine?


      please if somebody could help me on this matter id be so grateful. I am a virgin to the mac os although everything else is very impressive so far.


      if i buy the in design CD software would it install (not really ideal as i want the trial, but as a last resort)


      Thanks in advance