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    How could I do a gallery within a gallery?


      Basically I want a want a large content box with 6 smaller boxes beneath it. Clicking any of the smaller boxes will bring up a different gallery in the large content box. I think I want to use jquery sliders for each the gallery but i don't really know how to code the 6 small thumbnails to all contain an individual gallery.


      I've messed around with content switchers but couldn't get it to work properly.


      Is there a better way, what's the standard way etc? Any advice or help would be appreciated.


      Thanks very much.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at jAlbum for creating your photo albums.  It will generate all your HTML gallery pages and thumbnails for you.  Lots of different skins (layouts) to choose from.


          Step #1 Create album for gallery1, gallery2, gallery3, etc...  and save each one to your DW Local Site folder.


          Step #2 add thumbnail images to the bottom of your main site page and link each one to it's respective gallery home page.



          <a ref="gallery1/index.html"> thumbnail1 for gallery1 </a>

          <a ref="gallery2/index.html"> thumbnail2 for gallery2 </a>

          <a ref="gallery3/index.html"> thumbnail3 for gallery3</a>

          and so on...


          That's it in a nutshell.


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