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    Debug not working?

    Adrien. Level 1

      Consider the following:



      public function someMethod(s:Something):Boolean
           if (s == Something) //apply breakpoint
                return true;
           return false


      Now with out caring what s or something is, lets focus on the break point. if you made this into a real method and placed a breakpoint and the begining of the if statement, flash builder would stop, when executed in debug mode and launch the debug profile and show you the objects in s that are being compared against something to see if the result is true or false. How ever when I do something simmilar to this, flashbuilder skips the break point, in debug mode and acts like I am just running it as normal, how ever after exiting the appliation I get the following error message:



      Process terminated without establishing connection to debugger.




      Launch command details:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\sdks\4.5.1\bin\adl.exe" -runtime "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\sdks\4.5.1\runtimes\air\win" "C:\Users\Adam Balan\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\AE\SampleTest\bin-debug\SampleInputVector-app.xml" "C:\Users\Adam Balan\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\AE\SampleTest\bin-debug"


      Why is it ignorning breakpoints? Why is it giving me this error? and most of all How do I fix it?