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    Workflow from Avid to Premiere Pro ???


      Hello, i am a feature film Editor . My editing includes mostly in Premiere Pro. Recently i got a project where half of the movie is already been edited in Avid. Right now i want to do it in Premiere pro because the other half of the film is shot on DSLR. I want to know if there is any special workflow to open Avid files in Premiere Pro. Following steps will show you the process where i found it as effecient.



      1. The Edited project done in Avid ( which contains DSLR footage) is exported as AAF.

      2. The AAF is then imported into Premiere.

      3. In premiere the Linking of the footages has to be done manually on the other system which contains only raw footage.



      The problem is if i edit natively in premiere i could make it offline and by selecting multiple clips i can make it online with a single file linking. But as i was importing AAF which contains .mov.(avid number).mxf i have to relink each clip manually. i want to find a way that can relink automatically in a one go.



      FYI: All clips are in different folders according to Scene and Date, Some clips have the same footage number, This project has to go to Lustre for CC (which includes both DSLR and film footage).