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    Manual vs Auto Transitions


      If I want to automate the application of default transitions between numerous clips into a sequence, I can highlight the clips and drag them to the Automate To Sequence icon, make my transition selections (overlay edit) and it is done.  This process will apply the transitions on original unedited clips without handles and without repeating frames.  Thus the auto sequence process must create the handles (that were not a part of the original clip) and apply the transitions without repeating frames.   However, if I were to manually insert the same unedited original clips without handles into a sequence, select all the clips, then choose Sequence > Apply Transitions to Selection...   the process will NOT create the handles necessary to apply the transitions without repeating frames.  Default transitions will be applied but WITH repeated frames.....


      Is there some method to set up the In and Out handles ahead of time for unedited clips that would automate the manually method of applying transitions?  I am assuming repeating frames are bad and it is quite tedious and time consuming to manually create handles at the end and beginning of numerous frames prior to manually applying a transition...   I am using PP CS5.5 and working with AVCHD m2ts files.   Thanks



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This process will apply the transitions on original unedited clips without handles and without repeating frames.


          That's not correct.  You specify the handles with the Overlap parameter.  PP can't create media that isn't there.

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            glosstud Level 1

            Hi Greg, I think I have read this correctly. You cannot expect transitions to to be able to make up frames that are not there, so instead they use duplicates of Early or late frames from that clip and preceeding clip to fill the transition timescale.


            If your clips have unused frames before and after the in and out points then the transition effect will use those clips as opposed to repeating clips. Try a little experiment by starting a new project and add one clip with NO handles from the source monitor (ie no in point or out point Use the entire file) Then set some in and out points and see the difference. Just a little bit of experimenting in another project works wonders and keeps it simple.


            I hope I have not mislead you, (but will soon be put into place no doubt if I have) but starting to get a bit bleary eyed now with my own problem in hand.




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              OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

              I agree, PP utilizes the number of frames I specify in the Overlap parameter.  Thus PP automatically creates the handle using that number of specified frames then applies the transition without repeating frames.  It is an automated process.  My question still stands; can I set up PP to automatically create a handle (specified number of frames for both in and out) prior to manually inserting a clip via the source monitor or otherwise?


              There are times when I do not need to edit clips prior to inserting them into the timeline.  If I want to apply a transition to them after inserting them into the timeline, then I need to manually create the handles.  I was wondering if there is some parameter somewhere that specifies overlap frames applied prior to manual insertion that would save me the time of manual handle creation.   I know this sounds counter intuitive and you may ask, "why would I ever want to do that"; but with the levels of granularity PP offers, I have to ask.....   Thanks again.

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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                Just overlap the previous clip by the number of frames you want for the handles.  So if you need a 30-frame transition, then drop the new clip 30 frames in from the end point of the previous clip.


                Hint: if no clip is selected in the timeline, typing in a number, like 30, on the keypad will move the playhead that number of frames.  Likewise, a -30 entry on the keypad will move the playhead back that number of frames.



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                  OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

                  Interesting.....   By subtracting frames from the out point of the first clip and inserting a new clip at that point, it "overwrites" those frames at the out point of the first clip where a transition can be applied.   Maybe I missunderstood what "overwrite" meant, but it is non destructive....    Those number of frames at the out point of the first clip are still there thus allowing for the transition.  Nice!  It works.  This will work inserting one clip at a time, but not shift selecting numerous clips and seeking to apply transitions....   Still a very effective streamlined proceedure.  I like it....


                  I am starting to get the feeling there is no automated function that can be set up for creating handles when manually inserting clips into the timeline.  For multiple clip insertions I guess I will continue to use the automated sequence process and edit directly from the timeline or use the frame/overlap solution recommended by Jeff.  Good stuff....  I'm loving PP!  Thanks