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    Photoshop 10 general guidance on captions/comments


      I have been using Photfunstudio for storing phots on my PC.  However I have just bought a new PC (windows 7) and on copying over all my pictures I found I lost all the 'captions' to the photos.  The photofunstudio help line said 'yes that would happen and there's nothing you can do about it'. Well thanks for that!  I now have the fun task of manually copying the captions from the old PC to the new one.  Obviously I dont want to use Photofun studioand have to do this all again in X years when I change PC. So I am now looking for decent software that will

      a. Be capable of storing comments/captions for each photo (not ON the photo, but as a comment so I can read where the picture was taken e.g. I can write and store 'Malham gorge from the north')

      b. Be capable of being backed up and transferred to another PC without losing the link between the comment and photo.

      c. Be capable of importing existing photos into some understandable directory tree format e.g. month/year, so I don't have to reorganise all existing photos again


      Thats all I need and want.  Can some kind person inform me if Photoshop 10 would do this (seems a basic task?). Many thanks.