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    Opening projects from older Premiere versions in CS5.5 ?




      I'm trying to help my wife, who's using Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      She edited a movie in an old version of Premiere. We have all the files from the project, but no longer have access to the machine she edited on. We are about 95% sure that it was edited on Premiere Pro 2.0 for Windows. (It might have been on a slightly older Windows version).


      We've just installed Premiere Pro CS5.5 on her computer. We're having a number of problems importing the file. Some of them we're solving quickly, some of them a little less so. I wanted to check on the forum to check a couple of things:


      1) Just to be sure: Is Premiere Pro CS5.5 for Windows supposed to be able to work with projects from Premiere Pro 2.0? From older versions? Is there an easy way to figure out what version of Premiere the project file was created in?


      2) Is there any sort of FAQ or anything we might consult about issues that typically come up when importing from older versions of Premiere?


      We are sort of puzzling though this together. I'm usually the computer problem-solving guy around the house, but I don't know anything about Premiere...


      Any help would be very much appreciated!