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    removing shadow

    klinek3 Level 1



      I would like to remove one single shadow from footage. Assuming that I have the shadow rotoscoped what is the best practice for removing in AE?



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          marian.ene Level 2

          I'd lift up the shadows on an adjustment layer (with Curves, Color Finesse, Colorista, or any other CC plug-in you're familiar with), with the rotoed shadow used as Luma Inverted Matte to the adjustment layer, so the darker the shadow, the more it gets lit up. Just play with the curves and/or adjust the levels of your matte, maybe blur the matte a bit if it has contrasting details, until you get a satisfying result.

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If the shot is locked off (shot on a static tripod) and you have a clean part of th shot where the shadow is not visible, you can use your roto'd mask to replace the shadow with non-shadow background.  You may be able to do the same without a locked off shot as well, but it'll take considerably more work to motion track etc.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is a case where a screenshot would help a lot. It's nearly impossible to simply erase a shadow. It is possible to minimize using the techniques already explained.