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    FileIO xtra problem

    clangton Level 1

      I am upgrading data from Mx to 11.5 for the Mac LIOB OS. MY files work just fine in Mac Snow Leopard. However, the projector would not ruin in Mac Lion OS. So I created a new projector in Director 11.5.9 (latest)> This new projector runs okay. However, it gives me an error that FileIO xtra has not been found, which I am using in the movie.


      Along with the new projector I also update all the xtras, all in a single xtra folder. I can see the fileio ppc xtra in this folder but the projector wont recognize it. I keep getting the error.


      Any have have similar problem? Thanks fo ryour help.

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          Have you included it in your movie using the "Modify -> Movie -> Xtras" menu?


          When you add a media-based member to your movie then Director automatically adds the required Xtras to the movie too. However, when you use a scripting object such as FileIO or XMLParser then you need to manually add these Xtras to your movie.


          Or maybe I'm telling you stuff you already know