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    Link error..unable to resolve

    auctioneer Level 1



      I've created a product catalogue and keep coming up against an error with 2 images contained within the catalogue.  I've identified why I'm getting the errors, but I'm helpless in resolving the link error. What happened was the client provided me with a name identification to each of their products, but when I sent the draft of the catalogue to them they discovered one product was incorrectly identified and sent the catalogue back for corrections.  The solution was an easy fix; simply change the names of the 2 images in the directory, go back to the catalogue and change the product name, viola I'm done!  Well I thought I was done  The main InDesign file is linking to the product images which I have renamed, the images are the images I require, I've simply changed the names, but my main InDesign file doesn't recognize this.


      Any ideas?