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    Fireworks Installed with Multiple Accounts

      Okay here's a basic run down. Running Windows XP with SP2 for a while now. Had fireworks installed on the admin account and it worked fine on all the accounts. Then, a few months ago, it started asking for the Keycode activation again. My dad was the one who installed it and has the only admin account on the computer. He said he set access for all accounts to be able to use fireworks. Am I right in my assumption that each account has to enter the serial number into the program before it will function?? Or is it simply the access limits set on Fireworks, like my father says. Any help would be appreciated. I have a limited account so if anyone knows of a way to fix it without having to have an admin account, that would be helpful. Otherwise, if an admin account is needed, that won't be a problem. Help me please. I don't understand why the program would work fine, well after the trial period had expired. The last thing my dad did before the program started this was ran a full virus scan and got rid of some virus. The fireworks on his account never did this, even after the virus. The limited accounts were the only ones who had to re-enter the serial number. Help please! I have Fireworks CS3 by the way.