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    Android interface won't scale automatically


      I have created an application using FlashBuilder 4.5.1. and now before deployment, I just found that autoscale is not working for android phone. The phone I am using is Motorola MB860.


      I added applicationDPI=160 in the top of hte application. when I deploy to IOs system, it is scaled perfectly. But when I deploy the MB860, it is NOT scaled, screen display is still very small. As I don't have other android device, I really don't know how other devices performed based on this auto-scale setting.


      Now comes a problem. Using FB simulator, everything is fine, but once deployed to some phone, wrong. I can not enlarge font size, as  that will break the display on other devices. If you ever used other Android device to test FB mobile project, have you ever met similar issue?


      Hope to hear your opinions.